“Drive” and “4-8-4” out for a spin

June 12, 2017

“Drive”, a project long in the making, has gone out for another spin.  This time, in the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce office.

Drive is based on the streamlined coupes of the 1930s and is made of quartzite, stainless steel and Brazilian cherry, and the feeling is of speed is electric – as are the headlights.  Previously on display in the Brookline, Massachusetts Larz Anderson Auto Museum’s exhibit: Curve Appeal, it’s a favorite of some of my biggest fans!

In escaping my studio, Drive had the able assistance of “4-8-4”, a quartzite steam locomotive wreathed in smoke.  The numbers refer to the number of driven and idler wheels.  4-8-4 locomotives are at the pinacle of steam locomotive design, weighing as much as 350 tons and capable of up to 100 miles per hour while hauling passengers or freight.  This sculpture takes cues from Norfolk and Western’s J class of glamorous streamliners.

Go see them while they are out and about.  If you think of sculpture (and especially stone) as a static medium, you’ll be amazed by their fluidity and speed!

For more information, see the article in the Boothbay Register, or contact me.


© Andreas von Huene