Public spaces

My work is installed in many public places, a few of which are listed here.

The best way to experience sculpture is in person.  If you can, stop by to visit any of the locations shown.

Some locations are inside buildings and may require advance notice, so be sure to check hours before traveling.

Hold your mouse over any photo below to see a sculpture’s title and where it is installed.  Click on the photo for a larger image.  Click here for a map. The map also provides exact addresses and websites.

Flying CarpetInspiring Discovering detailInto the Arch of the SkyMaine State SealMetamorphosesOdysseyOpen MindOwl RisingPegasusPlow for the WindSalmones SalariSea GardenStrong Flows the RiverThresholdTigerTigerTo The Other Side obverseTo The Other Side reverseVirginiaWaveWyoming abeamWyoming bowWyoming rear quarterZephyrMina CSoliumTo the Water
© Andreas von Huene